Sorry! I Have Reached My Limit


So here’s what’s going on. I use a free WordPress site for our blog. With the free site you get 3.0 G of storage space. If you manage your blog correctly that should be enough room for anyone and 10,000 plus pictures. However if someone was foolish enough to download all his photos at a very high resolution then the space will disappear in just over a year or so. I have the camera set at a high resolution so the pictures are big enough in case I want to blow them up. This in itself would have been fine if I would have resized them before uploading them onto the site. Well that’s now water under the bridge.


Ok. So now you know the issue. The problems it is causing is making me pull out what few hairs I have left on my head. It takes so long to load stuff when ever I’m working on it. It may also cause our followers slower access when they are trying to view the blog. And it has been scrambling things around from time to time. So let’s just say it’s been a real pain in the ass lately. So what can I do and what am I going to do to fix it.

One option would be to go back a resize every photo that I loaded into the blogs media library. That would be almost 2900 photos to date. Now seeing how long it takes to do anything on the site, I doubt I would ever finish it before it finished me. I could also upgrade the site by paying a yearly amount. This would give me another 10 G of space. But with all the high resolution photos already in there it would still be slow. So that leaves me with the last option.

Discontinue this site and start a new one.

By doing this I can load all new photos at the right size and have plenty of space to outlast me. My main concern are our follows. You would need to go to the new site and sign in to follow it like you did this one. Then you would get notices when I make new posts just like you have been.

Also, the present site will still always be there. I just won’t be posting anything new on it. But you can always go in it and  browse over our past adventures.

So here’s what I’m planning on doing. I will be posting the photo of the day and any other new post on here for awhile while I build the new site. And with each post I will be putting a link to the new site and reminders to visit and click the follow button. Just remember there won’t be much on the new site right away, just a welcome post and the about page,  but you can still go to it and sign in to follow. I hope everyone continues to follow the blog. And I apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks. My plan is to start using the new site January  1st., 2016 (if the old one lasts that long) but you can go now to sign up.

Just click the link to take you to the new site

Sign up now and avoid the holiday rush



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