Lake Placid

We decided to take a road trip. So we took an hour ride Wednesday to Lake Placid

No, not that Lake Placid, for those that remember the movies. This one is the Caladium capital of the world and is 67 miles north east of us. It is also known as the town of murals.


There were several different lakes around the town which made for some added photo opportunities.

And of course all the murals. I didn’t get shots of all of them, but I got quite a few and then added some from Internet. The detail in the murals is just amazing. Some looked so real we were waiting for them to move or speak.

For lunch we picked up some subs and went to the park in town. Very nice park and as was the town. Even had a restaurant for me.


The best mural in town was this western one. It was just awesome and huge. You would swear it was real and I thought I smelled manure.


They also are know for their unique trash containers.

And on the way home we had an extra passenger. I stopped and tried to get him off, but he just ran under the top of the hood.


Now I don’t know if it was the same one, but two days later there he was in exactly the same place. So Raine and I got him off this time. Think he was ready now, because he crawled right unto my hand. I let him crawl in Raines hand so she could put hm down on the ground. But he then jumped on her shoulder, and then to the ground. Think he was tired of the car rides.




  1. Ken Russ

    Looks like it was a great road trip and interesting.


    • AYR

      It really was Ken

      Sent from my iPad



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