This and That


“Winter is Coming” ( Game of Thrones reference) and things are changing here in Port Charlotte. For one we haven’t had rain in weeks. When we got here we would have a thunderstorm every afternoon around 4. Now we haven’t had any rain in weeks. Our ponds here are down about 4 feet. We are also getting a lot of new people, but the majority of the people will get here after the holidays, some that are here now even go back for the holidays then come back here. However so far it has still been plenty warm here during the day. Been cooling down at night a little. No snow yet though.


I have moved the shark tooth hunting to the next level. Instead of standing all the time and going through each scoop. I streamlined the process.


Now I have a couple two gallon buckets. I bring one to the beach and fill it with scoops. The I put it in the car and relax on the beach and enjoy. Then I can go through them anytime I want back home. I set up on the balcony with a cold drink ( usually water or soda 😝) and take my time sorting through them.

I have the full bucket on my right. Take a handful and put them on the plastic tray and go through them. Put the teeth in a container and then dump the rest in the empty bucket. Take a drink, and repeat. It is working pretty good. Taking my time I find many more than looking through each scoop at the beach.


This is what you can find. I have found some of each, except for the bullets. But it’s only a matter of time, and I have plenty of that.



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