Back To Manasoda Key


Last week we went back to the keys. This time we went to Manasota Beach which is at the northern end of the key. Last time we went to Stump Pass Beach which was at the southern end. Only got a few pictures with my phone because some dummy forgot to put the SD card back in his camera. So I also found some from the internet so you could see where we were.

Too bad about the camera because Jane was trying to take pictures of Raine and I in the waves. Yes there were some decent waves. Raines first ones. Not Ecaudor size but decent. Raine was a little apprehensive. And she got knocked done a few time. Scrapped her shin pretty good. So she didn’t like it much. I had some fun though and found some shark teeth.


Then this week we went to the key again only this time we went to Blind Pass Beach (aka middle beach) because it is in the middle of the Manasoda Key.

It was overcast but Jane and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. And I found a bunch of shark teeth. So far the best place for it



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  1. sue pedersen

    Love the shark teeth…can you sell them or make some jewelry…repurposed them??? Have fun in the sun and clouds!!!!


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