Siesta and Nokomis Beaches


So I fell a little behind on the beach reports. So this will include the last two beaches we have been to. First up, as you can see by the above photo, is Siesta Beach. So far this is the best swimming beach. Even Jane ventured out farther into the water. The beach is huge and the sand is beautiful.


It is quite a hike from the parking lot. Especially carrying all the crap we need. But next time we will be ready. We got a beach cart to haul everything.

When we went out in the water there were swarms of little blue minnows. When they came to the surface the water was bubbling. Then every once in awhile a larger thin looking fish would leap completely out of the water and into the school of minnows.


Then after we were there an hour or so there were 100’s of baby jellyfish in the water close to shore. I walked through them several times. They weren’t stinging anyone. But the girls were done going in the water. Sorry no picture. It was really hard seeing them as they were translucent. The way you could tell where they were is by the shadow on the sand bottom.


Nokomis Beach was pretty much like all the others excluding Siesta. The sand was more crushed shells than sand as was the shore a few feet out. Found a few shells a some small shark teeth. But still a bad day at the beach is still better than a good day at work.

Down the beach there is an inlet where boats can com in. They even have a concession building. In the winter months you can see Dolphins and manatee.



  1. Sue pedersenl

    Beautiful will want to see Siesta beach in January!!


    • It will be there when you get here

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