Venice Beach

Yesterday we took a trip to Venice.


No not Venice,Italy. Venice Beach! Florida.


This was a much nicer beach than the ones on Manasoda Key. Nice sand bottom no seaweed floating everywhere. The water temp was a balmy 88 degrees.

We found our first sharks teeth and Megan (Raine) found some nice seashells just sitting on the shore in the water. Meanwhile I was scooping and sifting with what is called a Venice show shovel.

The teeth I found are little as you can see in the above picture. But you can find ones much bigger. Like this one   ( pic from Internet)

Right now we are new to shark teeth hunting. But we have the sifter and the bug to do more.



  1. Shirley

    Looks like you all got sunburns. Enjoy. How far is that beach.


  2. Diana

    Beach looks soooo great!!! Can you do anything with shark teeth? A fun past time, for sure.


    • Diana thanks for still following us. Haven’t posted much. Still settling in. No on the shark teeth. Just collect them. You can make a necklace out of them, but I already have one.

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