Manasota Keys

imageManasota Keys is a long finger Penninsula (barrier island) off of Englewood. It has five different beaches on it. We checked out four of them and swam at one.
imageWe started at Stump Pass Beach (5) where we set up for awhile and swam.

Not impressed with this beach. Although great for not being real busy, collecting shells and shark teeth, not too great for swimming. There was a lot of kelp floating in the water, patches on the bottom and all along the shore. And the bottom was not a nice sand bottom. Guess we got spoiled in Costa Rica. The water was real warm and for Megan’s first experience in the Gulf a little salty (which of course I like).

The other beaches were pretty much the same. If I had to pick the best of the four we checked out I would probably choose Manasota Beach at the further north end of the key.

But we still enjoyed the day. It was a beautiful drive on the road that runs from one end of Manasota Key to the other. A lot of pretty colored houses and different plants and trees. And you have the Gulf on one side and the bay on the other. Apparently Tim McGraw and Bobby Vinton have houses there.

We will be checking out a new beach  (or 2) each week. Next up is Venice area. Beaches 9-12 on the map. Till then. bye.



  1. Diana

    Oh, those beaches look wonderful … You all enjoy exploring!


  2. Anonymous

    Great looking beaches to me…..not brown and filled with algae!!
    look forward to 9-12 pics… those miles!?!


    • Anonymous

      Sue pedersen not anonymous!!


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