New Home

So we have been here a week and are settling in. But we need to get a few more things seeing we will be here for at least a year. But here are some pictures of the place and grounds. It is a big complex, and we are in Oak IV and their is Oak III, not sure where Oak I and II are. The grounds are beautiful and well kept up. And so far it has been very quiet.

We also have interesting wildlife here. The signs say they’re alligators in the ponds. So far we have only seen a little 4-5 foot one. And we saw this strange thing.

Which turned out to be a soft shell turtle. Not a snapper but can still grab and pinch pretty good.

Unfortunately for these turtles there is something that snaps and is bigger and loves soft shell turtles for lunch.

We also have some more gental wildlife too.



  1. Inez&Will

    Hi Bud &, Jane. Your new home looks real nice, bit be careful around the alligators.


  2. Diana

    Very pretty place!! The pool looks wonderful … and beautiful herons. Not sure I’d be too crazy about the alligators, but they’re sure interesting and waaay different t from Wisconsin!
    Take care and keep having fun!


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