Is Living Overseas Really Cheaper? Part 2


I’ve decided to just to a summary on the real cost of living overseas. I talked about Paris previously and as far as Ireland I would say costs are pretty close to the U.S. But you would need a car there as everything is spread out more. Now Paris and Ireland are not on the list of countries where it is cheaper to live. So let’s look at South and Central America.

Ecuador/Costa Rica

International Living, for one, states you could live on $1100 a month in Ecaudor. For one it really depends where in Ecuador you live. Like in the states, the bigger the city the higher the cost. We lived in a small fishing village right on the ocean. Now you probably could live there on $1100 a month. But you would need to eat rice/beans and fish everyday, every meal. If you buy groceries other than that the price is high. A bottle of tomato juice is $4.00. A cheap frozen pizza that you can get here for $4.00 compared to $10 there. If you need to buy any clothes they are double the cost. Clothes are not as bad in Panama and Costa Rica.

As far as medicine there, it is not cheaper. Yes you can get most of it without a prescription. But it is just as costly. And the same goes for medical treatment in a private hospital or clinic. Now yes you can get it really cheap or free if you go to the public places. BUT not sure you would want too. And we speak from first hand experience.

In all it depends on where you want to live and how. The countries were nice, people nice and some things cheaper than the states. Also less red tape with many things. But some times that not a good thing. One nice thing the way we were doing it was if we didn’t like we just go somewhere else. But the airfare can get costly. And if you have to rent a car wow.


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