Memory Flashbacks


The past week we visited the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers, WI. As we started to go through the museum what really hit me was that I probably belonged in there too. Most of the items there I used or ran sometime in my life.

From the type banks, proof presses and a headliner

To the first platen press (hand fed press) to the first two automatic fed presses.

They even had a couple Linotype machines. These are type setting machines that cast lines of type instead of a person having to set them one letter at a time.
They also had some finishing equipment. Some I’ve seen or used some, believe it or not, was before my time.

They had a lot of stuff they printed and still print. They offer seminars to learn how it was done back then. If I was still teaching it would be a great place for a field trip. It was great walking back through my past.




  1. Ibex&Will

    It is amazing that what we worked on in the print shop are now setting in a museum. I cannot believe that it was almost fifty years ago!


  2. Hi, Where in FL are you? I had to laugh when you said you felt like you belonged in the museum. I always felt like that when I was going into antique shops and saw too many things in there that I had seen or owned or played with as a child-even worse toys my children played with. lol Nice to see you posting again. I haven’t been posting, but hope to get in the mood again. We are still enjoying it here and are about ready to move down the beach since they sold our house. Continuing the adventure, Joyce and Leo


    • Nice to hear from you guys. Sorry the house was sold. Where are you going to move too. We aren’t in Florida yet. Will be leaving Wisconsin on July 31 st arriving in Port Charlotte on Aug 4. This will be our home for at least the next year. If we like it we will stay. If now we will look for another spot. Hope you and Leo are doing good. Hope to see your posts again.


  3. Anonymous

    Very nice Bud – nice pic of you and Megan also 🙂

    ~ Connie


  4. Diana

    Great to have an opportunity to visit the past … brought back warm memories, I’m sure. Enjoy your last few days in Wisconsin … some of the prettiest summer days we’ve had!


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