Moving On


Port Charlotte here we come.

We found the condo we wanted in Port Charlotte. We were looking for something on the gulf side not too far from the water. We also wanted a safer community with things to do. This fits the bill pretty good. We are leasing it for a year, and if we like it we will be staying there permanently. We are leaving July 31st. but won’t get to Florida until the 4th. plan on stopping in Alabama. So here are some pictures of the new place. Would like to have been right on the gulf but way too expensive.

As our followers know we had to abandon our travels because of the negligent actions of Go South Adventure Tours, Costa Rica. Jane needed surgery because of a broken wrist falling in the tour boat that was wet and slippery, had no handles to hang on too, and no one to help us board, after wading through the water to get to the boat. Reflecting back it really was a Mickey mouse set up. But the way they treated and lied to us was even worst. First they said they would take care of everything. Then they had us dumped at the zoo of a public hospital and we never saw them again.
When trying to contact them they said to sue them, if we think it would help. We are looking into it, but the laws there are not to favorable for any help. The better tour companies adhere to safety standards but it is voluntary and Go South Tours does not go by any kind of standards. You are totally on your own and if you get hurt tuff luck.
So one more warning, to anyone going to Costa Rica. It is a beautiful place to see but NEVER, NEVER, use any tour that involves Go South Adventure Tours.


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  1. Diana

    Your condo looks beautiful … life in the sunshine!! Am so happy for you both!


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