Trip Back to Old Stomping Grounds

It has been awhile since posting anything since we haven’t done much. But I will now be posting our activities here in Manitowoc. We have been keeping somewhat busy going to different things in the area. While it may not be as exotic as overseas it is still a adventure.”

Back to Wausau

So a couple weekends or so (lose track of time) we drove back to Wausau. Our great friends let us crash at their place for 3 nights. We wanted to see them as well as others we have missed.
image When Karen and Lee Hamerly heard we were coming back for a visit they had a cook out and pool party Saturday, so we could all get together. Karen is our old neighbors (Larry and Eunice)daughter so then we were able to see them too.
Here is Karen and Lee and then, Larry and Eunice,  and then Larry and Eunices son and wife Ken and Lisa.
image image image And here is their family including Dottie. She is the furry gold one.
image Unfortunately the weather, being Wisconsin, did not cooperate. It was foggy, misting and only 59 out. But Lee having a great setup on the pool had the wood fire going and the pool was a toasty 95. Lee, Karen, Megan and I were the only ones brave enough to go in and it was great.
image Megan had fun doing her belly flops in the pool. And it made quite a splash.


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