Is Living Overseas Really Cheaper? Part 1-Paris

So is it really cheaper living overseas? There’s no really easy answer for that. Yes things can be cheaper in many overseas country if you are looking down south.  I can really only comment on countries we lived in for at least a month so I will review, the following counties/cities. Paris(France), Ireland, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.



Paris is in no way cheap, except for many some wines. But many things are  expensive. But Paris is not one of those places listed or talked about as  a cheap place to retire. Don’t get me wrong, Paris is a great place to visit but I have no idea how a person can afford to live there. As an example a pint of their own domestic beer is $9.50. But at least here we did get some munchies with our beer. Of course then you get thirsty for more beer.wpid-Photo-20140925191045.jpg

Tapas (which are basically appetizers) can be as much as $18-20. There are many places like this that only serve appetizers (Tapas). And these places only serve these certain times during the day and night. But each place is pretty full every day.

One thing that is really reasonable is the metro. And it will get you anywhere you want to go. This is good because I would never want to drive in Paris as you can see the traffic above.

“Now of course you can get by cheaper eating at home.  Which we did on several occasions. You can pick up fresh crossiants and a whole rotisserie chicken with potatoes for about $12, and you wouldn’t need beer, I guess. But the rent is very high there and groceries are more than most places in the U.S.

But if you have a chance (and the money) it us a beautiful place to visit with unlimited sights to see.


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  1. Shirley

    You also have the beautiful memories!!!


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