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Sorry I haven’t  posted in awhile but not a whole lot happening right now. But I will be posting  travel information about different countries and tips soon. But for right now do you believe a company gets to choose if it what’s to follow any safety standards or rules.

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Finally heard something back from the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica. Apparently Go South Adventures Tours, Costa Rica doesn’t have to adhere to any safety regulations. Here is the email I got from the embassy.

Go South is not a company that follows the rules from the Costa Rican Tourist Board, so we can’t force them to pay any medical bills. l talked to Mr. Walter Lotz from Go South and he said that the insurance company ask to proceed in this way: go hire a lawyer and sue them. If you win the case in court, they will pay the bills and expenses. I’m sorry to let you know this negative news”.

Ya well big surprise there. It is obvious Go South  Adventures Tours doesn’t follow ANY safety regulations. Apparently it is not mandatory for companies to follow the rules of the Costa Rican Tourist Board. A  reptibule company would want to follow the rules. But Go South does not want to be hampered by any safety rules. They don’t want to have to worry about any responsibility of their customers. So if you get hurt on any of their tours you are on your own just as we were, because they don’t have to follow any safety precautions and not responsible for anything.




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