The American airline companies have a lot they could learn from airlines in Central and South America. Having to fly home today we were on United. And for the first time since we left the US we had to pay a fee for our luggage. NoT a second one the only one. A second one would have been even more. Then if you wanted food or drinks you needed to purchase them.

On Avianca airline which we used on several flights once we got to Ecuador, everything was free. No charge for luggage or food. Only if you wanted alcohol. And they aways served meals. Even on our short 50 minutes flight from Manta to Ouito we were served a breakfast sandwitch and drinks. And everyone working for this airline is very helpful and nice. They were always there to help Jane with the stairs and her bag.

With all this service they are also the cheaper airline especially compared to American companies. So if you plan on traveling south of the border, look into Avianca airlines. I would highly recommend it.

After Avianca I would recommend Tame airlines. We flew this one from New York to Ecaudor. Now we did have a major delay in NY, because of mechanical problems. The one coming from Ecaudor got delayed so flights were backed up. But the airline put us all up in a nice hotel and provided us with all meals. And we just got there a day late. But their service was great and bags and meals were free. So if these smaller airline companies can do this why can’t the larger US companies?

Avianca and Tame


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