Sorry, Little To Post


I applogize for not posting much lately. There isn’t a whole lot to post about sitting here in cold Wisconsin waiting for it to warm up. I am happy to report that Jane has turned the corner on our recovery. She is getting better each day and started to do more and using the broken wrist more. So we have that to be thankful for right now. Again however no thanks to Go South Adventure Tours, Costa Rica. You may notice they get great reviews on TripAdvisor. But that’s because those people were lucky and nothing went wrong that day. Because if it did Go South woukd have left them high and dry like they did us. I also put a post on their page but they remove all negative posts from both their website and Facebook. Ok sorry moving on.

Seeing I have little to do right now, I even created a Facebook account and reached out to friends, family and past students. It is nice to connect with them again.

Ok, continuing our look back, it is time to look at our month in:


Even though it started out rough with the car and things, and I still hate the narrow roads I really think Ireland was the most beautiful country we visited. Although they were having a really dry season and some areas were brown it was still spectacular. And the food was great.  Enjoy a picture flashback of the scenery.



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  1. Diana

    So glad that Jane is recovering and on the mend. Beautiful photos! You’ve made some terrific memories. Have you thought of Angie’ s list for your review of go south? Go get ’em!!


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