On the Mend

Jane went back to the doctor on Thursday. They were going to remove the the dressing, stitches and hopefully the pin.


 Jane was worried about them taking out the pin. She had, had so much pain already. But when they cut off the dressing and unwrapped her wrist the pin fell out. The nurse was a little panicked at first, but I said I think he was going to take it out anyway. She said I don’t think so. She went and got the doctor. He said no problem he was taking it out anyway. I wanted a picture of it first, so asked if he could stick it back in so I could take a picture. He just smiled and said I don’t think Jane would enjoy that. So here is and X-ray of the pin. It looks really long but it is because it is on the other side of her wrist. It was really less than 3″ long.

Here is a picture of the plate that they had to put in:
imageThe plate stays in so if we fly again she might have an issue going though security. Of course they aways stop her anyway because she looks like such a threat. Ok, this next picture may be a little gross for some. Now they had to take out the stitches. I was surprised their were only 5.
imageAnd finally they put on a splint. She had her choice between black, hot pink, or polka dot. Here is her pick. She goes back in three weeks.

And once again this injury was cause by the malaise actions of Go South Adventures Tours, Costa Rica. And the deliberate actions of Rebecca Rojas. So avoid them at all costs.


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  1. Diana

    Happy to see you are on the mend, Jane! Take care and continue to heal.

    Liked by 1 person

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