Flashbacks (Paris)

While we are waiting for Jane to heal I thought I would do some posts looking back at our journey. Which was abruptly ended by Go South Adventure Tours, Costa Rica. But before that, I would like to explain why I keep mentioning that tour company. If not for their malicious actions, notablely the actions of Rebecca Rojas we would still be enjoying Costa Rica and continuing our journey. But now because of her, Jane has suffered a painful injury and surgery. And because of them, our medical bills have soared to over $30,000. So at this point it looks like our travels have ended.

I keep mentioning Go South Adventure Tours, Costa Rica so I can  warn others about them. And to draw attention to the company in hopes of getting them to cover the medical bills as they should. The American Embassy in Costa Rica is working on things on their end, but don’t know where that will lead. Everytime I mention their name in a blog and tag the name, when people put any of the words I tag in a search my blogs will come up. Thus more people will be warned about Go South Adventure Tours, Costa Rica and their despicable actions.

Ok now back to looking back.


I was a little leary of going back to Paris and living there for a month. On the previous trips there I did not find it that great. But do be honest both of those trips included guiding a group of students with a tour company that rushed you through everything. That being said I must admit I enjoyed Paris. Though it was quite expense and we would never be able to live there. But the sites and the food were great and we really enjoyed our time there. And even in the month spent there we were not able to see everything they have to offer. So here is a look back at the sites of Paris that we experienced.


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  1. inez kramer

    Really nice pictures. You must have been busy with your camera. From Will. Sent from Huawei Mobile


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