Retirement in the Deep Freeze

At the beginning of March we were enjoying clear sunny skies with temperatures in the mid 90s. Laying out by the pool or under a shade tree on the beach.
But now because of the BREAKS,  and the despicable actions of Go South Adventure Tours, Costa Rica, our travels have been put on the shelf. imageAnd in this case it is the freezer shelf. In Wisconsin. Instead of the warm waters of the Pacific ocean splashing on the rocks.
We now have the icy waters of Lake Michigan freezing on the rocks it hits. Winds are bitterly cold and temperatures in the mid twenties with snow and freezing rain at times.

Looking ahead hopefully spring will arrive eventually. I won’t go as far as hoping for sumner. We will survive the best we can for now then head to Florida to settle down.


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  1. Have you decided to retire permanently in FL.? Where are you going to in FL? We used to live in Broward County and I lived in Collier County when I was younger. You are heading into the hot weather there. I have found Jan. Feb and March very hot here in Crucita. NOt much in the line of ocean breezes like in the other months. Lots of new people moving here from US and Canada. Are you going to continue blogging?


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