Jane is improving a little each day, finally. It has been a longer road to recovery then it should have been because of the actions of one Rebecca Rojas of Go South Adventure Tours, Costa Rica. Seeing we won’t have a lot to report on the other site while we are back here in cold Wisconsin, I thought I would give some inside advice of the not aways so good things that happen while traveling. Especially overseas. So if you are interested in the detailed report of Jane’s unfortunate injury check it out. Plus sign up so you get the same notices as the other site when I post new stuff. I promise it won’t be all bad stuff but also a little humor and some tips that might help.


Jane should be getting the pin removed from her wrist on April 2nd. She is and isn’t looking forward to that. But hopefully it means she is on the mend. No thanks to Go South Adventure Tours. All for now. Check out our new site and let me know what you think.



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  1. Diana

    Feel better, Jane! And you take care, too, bud.


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