Cast Off

Early Friday morning (6:10) we arrived at Holy Family Memorial Hospital. Jane was scheduled for surgery at 8:30. It is here that you really see the difference in medical services between the US and Costa Rica. However to be fair to Costa Ricas Heath care system we were put into a bad situation not because of their medical services but because of the malicious actions of a tour company owner, Rebecca, from Go South Adventures Costa Rica, trying to get out of any responsiblies of injuries caused by the total lack of comman sense safety awareness. But first an update on Jane. Surgery went good. Only took about a hour. They did a block in her arm and she was asleep. First thing they did once the block was in, was to cut the cast off.image Afterward she kept asking were her hand was. She couldn’t feel it. They put a plate in on one break and pinned the other. Pin will come out in two weeks. Block is still in so not sure what pain she will have when it comes out.

What kind of company would have people in their mid sixties wade through water from shore, carrying there cameras,  sunscreen, towels, swimwear, shoes, etc (that the company told us to bring) to a boat bobbing up and down in the water. imageThen have them climb up a small metal swim ladder at the back of the boat. Then step up two levels over the back and down to another step before getting to the floor. Other than the handles on the ladder there was nothing to hang on too and nobody helping us get on. Add too that wet feet and wet slippery boat surface and it is a formula for trouble. Jane fell around 3′ to the bottom of the boat.


For now hopfully Jane is on the road to recovery. I will be back with a detailed description of the ordeal we had to go through because of the actions of Go South Adventures Costa Rica, and lack of concern for the customers safety.

Again anyone thinking on going on a tour in Costa Rica. If they use Go South Adventures as a tour operator DON’T GO. Look for another operator. Your safety depends on it.


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  1. Diana

    My best to both of you … prayers of healing for Jane.


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