A Break in Our Journey

Sorry we haven’t posted in awhile but this explains why.

It is with great sadness that we had to head back to the states on Tuesday. The sadness is caused by two events. First and foremost. We scheduled a Dolphin/Whale watching tour last Thursday. We were going with some friends that are staying here (Barb and Ralph ). We drove up to Playa Del Coca to get the tour. There was no dock. You had to wade out in the water to get to the boat. Ok no big deal. But then you had to climb up this little ladder, step up on the back of the boat, then step down to one level. Then you had to step down a lot further to the next level. Still not the floor. Now this was a big issue. First with Jane’s short legs it was a reach. Second no rail or anything to hang on too. Third no one even trying to help you get in. And fourth the last step before reaching the bottom was a flat wet surface with no anti slip strips or anything. When Jane stepped down she slipped and fell into the bottom of the boat. She hurt her head, back, leg and worse of all broke her wrist.

It was absolutely terrible. She was in so much pain. The short version is they were able to get her out and on to shore to wait for the ambulance. Which by the way was  aways just 5 minutes out. Jane laid there in pain well over an hour. And when it did get there the driver ( and the only one)  got out and stood talking to the tour operator (who had been called by the guide) for almost 10 minutes. Then he gets back in and backs the ambulance around. Finally opens the back and slowing pulls out the stretcher. When he finally gets by Jane he glances at her, talks some more to the owner then gets on the phone. Anyway she finally got to a hospital.

This is only the beginning of the terrible experience that we went through. But for right now we are back in the states were Jane has to have surgery on her wrist. I will post more about the ordeal once we get Jane taken care of and on the path to recovery.

However I will leave for now with this warning for anyone going to Costa Rica. Do not go on any tours that use Go South Advendures as a tour operator as any situation is made dangerous by their irresponsible methods of operation and total lack of concern or safety for their customers. Add to that their lies and deseption. They tell you they will take care of everything, then dump you somewhere, and disappear.

Avoid Go South Adventures at all Costs!!!!!!



  1. Diana

    What a total bummer! I hope Jane will recover and mend quickly. Take care, both of you.


  2. Sorry to hear about Jane’s accident. I am glad you are back to the States and can get it taken care of. I hope this does not change your mind about your retirement in a warm climate. Keep us posted on Jane.


    • Anonymous

      So sorry to hear about Jane. Hope she feels better soon.


  3. Ken Russ

    So Sorry to here about Jane!


  4. Barb

    Oh no, how unfortunate. Hope Jane is feeling better soon!


    • Thank you Barb. I hope so too. It is cold back here

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