River Trip Wrapup

Going to wrap up our River tour with mostly pictures and maybe a video. It was a great tour and I will rate it a 4 star. Not five because their were a few things that could be improved. But we will talk about that later. I have more monkey y pictures as well as the crocs and others. Forgive me if I dublicate any monkey pictures I took so many.

Here are some of the Howler Monkeys we saw not as playful  as the others and not as close. But I got a few good shots.

Now here are my favorite sightings.

Here are the iguanas, some birds and others.

These are called long nose bats. I cropped one out and blow it up for you to get a better view

And after the tour we stopped in a small vilkage and had a Costa Rican lunch. It was chicken, beef, rices and beans. It was pretty good. Plus a cute little dog. Blow up the one of Jane holding the dog. Don’t know which one is copying who. Then we headed home.


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  1. Diana

    Great pictures. The white-faced monkeys are so cute! It looks like they were all very interested in your boat!


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