Palo Verde Boat Tour (Part 1)

On Friday we got up early (early for us now a days anyway) to head to the Tempisque River for a boat tour.

“The Tempisque River is located within Palo Verde National Park which is a slice of wetland sanctuary in the middle of Costa Rica’s driest province. The 45,500-acre park is a mosaic of 15 different habitats, including mangrove swamps, grassy savannahs, marshes, salt ponds, pastures and evergreen forest, all bordered by sloping limestone hills. It is considered a migratory and resident”. waterfowl refuge”. Taken from

It took about a hour or so by van through back roads to get to the river. The river was low when we got there. You could see by the banks how high it should be
imageBut they told us in about 4 hours the river would rise back up to the top of the bank. There were a lot of people arriving by car, van, and large bus. Didn’t seem to bother these guys (and gals, I think)
imageWith all the people lining up they had to fill several boats. We finally got our boat and headed down river.
wpid-Photo-20150309100712649.jpgWhat was nice is that the driver was spotting animals for us then pulling in as close as he could. This would have been even closer if the water was higher. We got to see iguanas, monkeys (white faced and howler) birds and crocodiles. The white faced monkeys were the most fun. When we pulled right into the bank they came on the boat looking for food. It was hard to get a focused photo because they hop around so fast. But here are some.

As you can see they are not shy. They will stand right on your head. Tried to get a photo of Jane giving one some fruit. But instead of coming closer to her he just reached out quick and snatched it out of her hand. So no photo. More to come on the trip next time. Too many photos to put in one.

Coming Next Time




  1. I knew that you would get mixed up with monkey business at some point in time. From Will.


  2. Ken Russ

    Looks like a fun boat ride!


  3. Diana

    A WONDERFUL adventure!! I’d have loved to take that boat ride with you! Can’t wait to see the rest of your pictures. The scenery looks beautiful.


  4. Shirley

    Sorry. Too many animals. Did it go as fast as our boat in Laughlin.


    • No not as fast. And the point was to see animals. That was the scenery

      Sent from my iPad




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