The Setting Sun

Sunsets from where we have been. So far.



  1. those are all veryvery pretty & i like the music alot too.


    • That’s Meg I’m glad you like it.

      Sent from my iPad



  2. Bob and Karen Wanek

    Hi cousins, We have been following your blog and enjoy watching the two of you living your dream. (Have to admit to a little bit of envy). Karen gave the link to her brother Gordy who spent several years living in South American countries working for the American school systems. Bob was in Marinette today and was sharing some of your adventures with him. So, if you see an unknown person wanting to follow you, it could be him. His wife Liz is a native of Peru. The sunset photos were breathtaking by the way!

    Karen ( and Bob)


  3. Shirley



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