Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, with a View

New (Better) Hangout

Since the bad service at Don Brasilitos we finally got around to trying the place I first spotted when we arrived here. The Tiki Seaside Grill.
wpid-Photo-20150227085557596.jpgWish we would have tried this place out first. It is great. We’ve been there for breakfast,lunch and dinner. It is just across the street from Brasilito Beach.
wpid-Photo-20150221194402679.jpgWhat a great view when you are there. The staff is super friendly. Especially Luis.
wpid-Photo-20150303150707828.jpgI think he is like the head waiter/bartender/host/manager. They have a great menu and great drinks, but we usually just get the bucket. Six beers for the price of five, in a bucket of ice. (Sorry, forgot to take the picture before we drank two bottles, we were thirsty)
wpid-Photo-20150303150707843.jpgWe go there so often that pretty soon they will have a bucket already when they see us pull in. Just the way Brian at Whiskey River use to have our beers poured,on on the bar, in our usual spot, when he saw our truck pull in the parking lot. That’s a sign of a great bartender. Speaking of Brian. He and Amanda are married, living in Madison and have a little one on the way. Congratulations. ( They follow the site so should see this)
imageThey  have a great breakfast every morning starting at eight. They even have biscuits and gravy and eggs benedict. Now the b&g is nothing like Razzs back in Wausau (nothing could top that) and it looked nothing like it.
wpid-Photo-20150227085527640.jpgBut it still had the same flavor and taste. It was sauage gravy without sauage in it but then links of sausage on the side. It tasted pretty good to me, with 2 eggs on the top. Yum. Here are some more pictures of our now favorite place. Love their sign for the bathrooms.



  1. Anonymous

    As we are again in the negative temps here, love seeing these great pics – thanks for sharing them! People who love people always find new friends, it’s obvious you are enjoying the people that you meet 🙂

    ~ Constance


  2. …Inez and Will.Everything looks great. Be careful not to over Indulge. pictures are making me hungry, I have to go and get something to eat now.


    • It’s easy to do because everything tastes so good.

      Sent from my iPad



  3. Shirley

    I know what your sister would say about your breakfast. But then she would have to look at the smile on your face.


    • well life is short so I’m going to enjoy as much as possible sis.


      • Shirley



  4. Sue pedersenl

    Omg looks like a heavenly place!!!
    Great food, drinks, atmosphere and people!!! So HAPPY, for you two!!!
    Enjoy living vicariously through you, keep it up….it’s sunny and 3degrees😞
    Love and miss you!!!!


    • It is a great place.Wish you were here to enjoy it. About 90 and sunny here


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