Weird Sighting in the Sky

Everyday we have been here it has been clear blue sky. Warm, make that hot and not a drop of rain. And the today we took a couple to Liberia to get their rental car and saw this strange sight.
If memory serves me right I believe they are called clouds. No rain mind you but still some clouds. Of course we could be in Canada were Wolf and Kathleen are enjoying their weather.



  1. Diana

    We had a storm watch today … but it warmed up to 30 degrees! I really envy you and Jane, even if you see clouds!


    • It was a rare site. It is usually clear blue skys. Enjoy your warm day


  2. Sue pedersenl

    Quit rubbing it in Bud!!!
    Enjoy the retirement you dweeb….

    Need a cocktail …..


  3. Hi Bud and Jane this is Will. It sounds to me that you are missing winter just a little bit.


    • Hi Will
      Ya we really, really miss all the cold and snow. Glad to hear from you guys. Hope all is good. Keep in touch


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