Beach-Pool & Beyond


Yesterday we planned for a day at the beach. We packed the cooler with a few beers and some sandwiches. We got a late start so when we got there we weren’t sure we would find a tree for shade. The beach is lined with these weird shaped trees that are great for a day at the beach. Here was our spot of shade.
wpid-Photo-20150226143119111.jpgNo big waves but beach was great. Nice sand no rocks. The tide was out so you could walk a long way out. But kind of boring without waves. So I went back up under the tree with Jane and had a beer and sandwich.

Pool Time

When we got back we headed to the pool. Met some new people there from Pennsylvania. their staying here until March 21, then heading up the coast. The following pictures were taken by Wolf before they left.


We picked up some new Bloody Mary glasses. The ones we had were way to small. These are quart mason jars. Just right.

Also ran into a bunch more bull.

And then there was this little guy that paid us a visit on the porch. Just a little one.

A full relaxing day not in the cold and snow.



  1. Diana

    Great day…beach looks relaxing and I really like those bloody mary glasses…gotta get me some! You two have so much fun!


    • Diana It is relaxing. And the Bloody Mary glasses are just rights. Thanks

      Sent from my iPad



  2. Shirley

    Perfect size for bloody Mary’s. With olives please


    • Sis I’ll make it if you come and drink it.

      Sent from my iPad



  3. Sue pedersen

    Looks so wonderful the way retirement should be❤️🍺🍷


    • It is not without some issues but we are glad we made the decision before it was too late


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