Rough Road to Disappointment

We got up early Tuesday morning to start the treck to Ricon de la Vieja National Park. It was about 2.5 hrs away. Well, first as I have experienced, getting up early never leads to anything good. Here is a link about the park and volcano.ón_de_la_Vieja_Volcano
First sign of trouble was the road construction we hit in Liberia. We thought we were back in Wisconsin for a minute. Of course that couldn’t be because it is winter in Wisconsin. And as everyone there knows Wisconsin only has two seasons. Winter and construction season.


Now being from Wisconsin this was no big deal. Although it was a bit more of a challenge. There was nobody really directing traffic. Oh there was someone there, but just letting everyone fend for themselves. Anyway this was the easy part. Because after we got out of the traffic we turned off to the road for the park. It was blacktop, and I thought this is nice, until we went a few miles and it turned to this

And here are more pictures so you can get a better idea.

How rough was it you ask? It was so rough and bumpy we had to keep our mouths closed so our dentures won’t rattle out of our mouths. And you know how hard it is for me to keep my mouth shut.
So we endure this for mile after mile. Around 10, I think. We finally get to the gate into the park. Paid our 700c (like a $1.50) and drove on, and on, and on another 5-7 miles of the same kind of road.
Finally we are there. We get out put on bug spray and walk up to the ranger station.  We ask how far of a walk it is in to the park. He says well if you want to see anything it would be a 2.5 hr walk. I wanted to say no we don’t really want to see anything how far of a walk would that be. Well that was way beyond our capabilities and I wasn’t about to pay $30 to walk 5 hrs. So this is the only thing we saw of the volcano.
The lead photo I got online so you could see it. Oh and this little guy was by the ranger station.
It is related to the raccoon. Called a Coatis, also known as coatimundi.
On the way out they were working on the road. They were dumping more big rocks on it the trying to press them down with a roller. When I got by them they flagged me to the other side of the road. But to get there I had to go over the pile of rock they had going down the middle. I thought for sure I’d ripped something off under the car by the sound. But thankfully nothing got damaged. At least that I am aware of so far.
These type of sightseeing adventures are for the younger or more fit people. Not something for us old worn out people. Here some other pictures from the trip.



  1. Shirley

    I’m thinking you haven’t had a very good week. Maybe the day you went to the beach.


    • Sis Everyday is a good day not in the cold and snow

      Sent from my iPad



  2. Anonymous

    Rick says, you need more polygrip!!!!!
    Lesson learned you have wonderful views looking at Janie!!


    • Sue. For once Rick might be right. Tell him to answer my emails once in awhile. Miss you guys. Congratulations on your grandson. Best wishes to you all


  3. Brian Arrowood

    I don’t know if you know this fun fact but when you get to the volcano there is this lavish bar that serves free drinks for the people willing to go that extra mile for a GREAT drink.😛


    • Brian/Amanda
      Is it called Whiskey River? I use to know a place like that and it had a great bartender. If it was we might have walked it. Nice to hear from you. Are you coming for a visit before the baby comes.


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