Favorite NO More

When we first came into town I saw this restruant that was a big tiki hut and it looked nice. Told Jane we need to try that out. But instead the first place we went to was Don Brasilitos which we had heard about online, and really liked it, so that became a favorite.

The food was real good, service nice and big bottles of cold beer.
wpid-Photo-20150221194402692.jpgBut the last couple times, not so good. First we stopped there after the failed turtle watch. Jane ordered the burger. When she first had one she said it was better that TGIF’s. And that is saying something because she loves those burgers. But this night it was not good. She said it tasted left over.
Then we went there with Wolf and Kathleen on their last night here. They ordered smoothies. When they got them they were watered down. Not made with milk and to much ice. So they sent them back. Next ones weren’t much better, but they didn’t say anything. This is why we order beer, they can’t screw that up. Anyway, so we order. Jane and I ordered the lobster we couldn’t get on Valentine’s Day. Wolf and Kathleen ordered pizza. Little while later out comes our lobster. And it was great. A whole lobster but all fixed already and spit down the middle and a extra half tail with it. So we waited awhile for their pizza to come out. But it didn’t, they were being punished for sending the drinks back. I was watching the waitress talking with the bartender and smiling and both looking at Wolf and Kathleen and laughing about it. I could also see her in the kitchen. She didn’t turn in their order until we were almost done eating. Wolf went up and complained but they just said it is coming out of the oven now. If Wolf and Kathleen would not have been with us I am sure they would have left.
It was very disappointing. In hindsight we should have sent ours back and said we will wait until theirs is ready. We haven’t been back since.
I will still give Donny B’s a three-star rating, but that’s only because most of the food was good. Just don’t ever complain about anything.

imageNext up I’ll tell you about our new place to eat. The one I spotted when we got to town.



  1. uzcateguijoyce

    Bummer on the service. You were lucky they only made them wait, not worse. Love following your adventures.
    We are scouting restaurants in Portoviejo to increase variety. Found one last night with good meat and more upscale decor. We figure they must be there, so we asked our Ecuadorian relatives and they pointed us in the right direction. They brought us back in their truck from us doing our monthly shopping, so we treated them to dinner.


    • Your right Joyce it could have been worse. Hope your search goes good.

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  2. Diana

    Bad service can ruin a good time…shame on them! Hope the tiki hut place makes up for it. Great photos, though, and I love your big smiles!


    • Thanks Diana it is easier to smile here. And so far so good on the Tiki

      Sent from my iPad



  3. Shirley

    Did you at least share your lobster? Is lobster as expensive as it is in US.


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