Mardi Gras

This past week Flamingo celebrated Mardi Gras on Fat Tuesday. While it was nothing like the celebrations in New Orleans it was still neat to see. They had a parade that we went to with some friends we made here, which also happen to be our neighbors here. Wolf and Kathleen. The people in the parade were throwing candy and beads. I lifed my shirt up, but didn’t get any beads. I bet Jane would have.

They also came over one night to play Yahtzee with us.
wpid-Photo-20150219125300839.jpgIt is a shame they had to go back to Canada and the snow and cold so soon. We will miss them. They even invited us to come stay with them. In the summer of course.



  1. uzcateguijoyce

    Mardi Gras sounded like fun. Glad to see you found a nice couple to hang with. Like your pictures! Hi to Jane.


    • Thanks Joyce. Yes it was fun. We have been to New Orleans twice but this was our first Mardi Gras. It is to bad they had to leave.

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  2. Diana

    You two make friends wherever you go!! Great fun! The beach looks terrific!! Any big waves there, Bud?


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