A Bunch of Bull

Last week we took a ride to Tamarindo a little bigger town just down the coast. We go there to the bigger grocery stores. If you go all the way into town it is a busy little town flocking with tourists. Way to busy for us. We went in once to see it but that was enough. We did stop on the beach though at a bar resurant which was nice. It was called The Witches Brew.
imageBut to get to the point of this post on our way there we came head to head with this coming down the middle of the road. Not something you see everyday in the states.
imageWiseman that I am, I pulled over to let them go by. I was just hoping they didn’t scrape the car. They had some real long horns. Hmm wonder if they were long horn steers. Well they came pretty close but no damage.
wpid-Photo-20150219125300848.jpgI wonder if they were taking them to the rodeo they were having over the weekend in Basilito (little town right next to us. They were having a rodeo of sorts. They spent the whole week puttin this stand and arena up. Day after the rodeo they started taking it down.
imageSome rode bulls others just got in the ring and tried not to get hit by the bull.  We did not go. But our neighbors Wolf and Kathleen did . These photos are from Wolf. He takes some great photos and I will be using some more in other posts. Enjoy thanks to wolf. Check the logo on his photos. I made that up so you would know his photos when I use them.

Nope I guess those bulls we almost ran into weren’t headed to the rodeo. I don’t recognize any of them.



  1. Hey Sis
    No I’d say they are about the same as Ecuador. But more America choices.


  2. Shirley

    That is a lot of bull. Are the groceries expensive there compared to the other countries you were at.


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