Young Chicks Poolside

When we finally got settled in here, we went to try out the pool. And there poolside were these two young chicks . . . with their mother . . . in the nest, right by the pool.
Click on the image to see it full size. The eyes are amazing. These are call White-Winged Doves. They are very similar to the Morning Doves in the states. But prettier. And they make a lot of sounds talking to each other. Here is a short sound bite. And it is even louder when they are on our porch.

New Neighbors

The next day we had some new neighbors moving in. Or I should say trying to move in. He would bring stuff but then she didn’t like it and threw it back out. Finally we think they got in a fight and went somewhere else. It was a different pair of Doves trying to make a nest up under our porch roof.

The male would bring twigs, land and stand on top of the female and drop the twig down behind her. Then fly away to get more. While he was gone she would try and put together the nest but didn’t like the way it was going and dropped the twigs on the ground. Finally after several attempts all the twigs ended up on the ground and both doves flew away. Too bad it would have fun to watch the little ones grow up right out our window.


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