Old Town Panama

Part of our half day tour of Panama (the locks) was also a tour of what is called Old Town. To better explain what it is, if your interested, check out this link. It can explain it better than I can.


We drove to the center part of Old Town than walked around. The government is building new houses for the people that live down here in the old rundown buildings. The problem most don’t want to move. Right now they live there free. No rent, utilities nothing, so who can blame them. But looking at some of the places they are living in you can see that some of the houses/buildings are ready to fall down.

But then there are some next to them that the people have fixed up. This one is next to the one pictured above on the left.
wpid-Photo-20150208190239720.jpgHere are some pictures of part of Panama City, the new version.
imageAs you can also see it is low tide. This was about 9:00 in the morning. They said by 4 this would all   be covered in water again. Here are more pictures from old town and a church ( Nuestra Señora de La Merced) we visited.

Panama Exit

We really hated to leave Panama but we saw what we came here to see. We enjoyed our view and tour. Went to a huge mall where they had really cheap clothes. I got some shorts and swimsuits for $3.99 each. And even better in our hotel there was a TGIF. We ate there everyday. Had their ribs 3 times. And they had great bloody Mary’s.
And of course the trip was not without its little bumps. When we flew in someone was suppose to be there from the hotel to pick us up. Nope. But we just got a cab, so no big deal. The night before we had to leave I arrange for our ride back to the airport. But when it was time to leave (very early again) no ride. The guy at the desk called several people and finally said he found someone to come. When they get there it was a small taxi, had to load half our luggage in the front. The trunk was all speakers. So we head out. Starts out ok then he pulls off the main highway, down a back road then through some alleys and out into the boonies. I figure we will stop soon and be robbed or worse. Finally after a half hour or so he comes back out to a main road. Whew! Must have been a short cut. But it was scary for awhile.

Back soon with Costa Rica arrival.



  1. uzcateguijoyce

    I love old town. I love colonial architecture. Your cab ride sounds like a tuk tuk ride we had from the Walkabout one night. Very scary. Glad it ended safely for you.


    • Joyce
      Yes we love that too. Wish we had more time in Panama. Maybe another time. It really was scared and we are also thankful it ended already. Been keeping up with your blog. You sure do stay busy. Enjoy your new life there.


  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful thanks for sharing! Love the pelican atop the tree….
    Talk about tan you two look sooooo happy the way it’s meant to be❤️🍺👍


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