Passing Ships

We went to Panama to mainly see ships. I love watching the huge ships. We use to go up to Sault Ste. Marie Michigan to watch the ships there going through the canal there.,_Michigan


But this was much better. We stayed in a hotel that was right on the entrance ( from the Pacific side) to the canal. Every ship going through the canal had to pass by our room. We had a balcony on the fourth floor over looking the water and a view of the bridge of the Americas.
When the container ships were coming in and stopping at the container yard just past the bridge a couple tugs would come out to meet it. They would go to the side of it, front and back. When it got by the dock then they would push it in.
I couldn’t photograph every ship because they pass by 24 hours a day but we got to see quite a few. Here is a gallery of the ones I got pictures off.

One more post on Panama then we will move on to Costa Rica, seeing we been here a week already.



  1. Wow, what a view. I love watching ships passing by. I had the pleasure to see some while staying at a hotel in Hamburg, one of these was the Queen Mary 2. A real experience 🙂


    • Moritz
      Yes it was a perfect place. Wish we could have stayed longer. See the Queen Mary must have been awesome. Thanks for following us

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      • Great to hear. Maybe you’ll have the chance to stay there again in the future!


        • Yes it would. Maybe someday. Thanks for following Moritz

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        • Let’s hope for it! You are very welcome. I’m looking forward to more 🙂


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