Panama Canal/Locks

imageAs you can see from the featured picture and this one the Panama Canal has come a long way since first created. This is a picture of the original construction  being done.
imageAnd now they are working on an expansion to accommodate the new larger ships that are being build.

The day we took a tour of the locks we watched this vehicle carrier go by the hotel before 8:00am.
imageAnd when we got to the locks a couple hours later their it was in the locks getting ready to move on through the canal.

Supposedly the new expansion is to be finished by December of this year. They are doing this expansion on bothe the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the canal.



  1. Quite a size difference in the locks pictured.


  2. Diana

    Wow, what a great time to be there … you’re watching history being made as they expand the Panama Canal. Such fun to follow you on your adventures, Bud and Jane!


    • I am glad you like following us. Yes it is history in the making. Thanks Diana


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