Ecuador Observations/Thoughts (Final)

Well we have come to the final part of the observations and thoughts on Ecuador or mostly Crucita.

If you are looking for a laid back stop to retire then it would be good for that. If you what friendy people. Check. We met a long of very nice people from locals to expats. If you like fish. Check. There are many restruants that serve many different kinds. If you like the sounds of barking dogs at 3:00am. Check. If your ok with swimming in sandy water. Check. If you like the garbage look on your beach. Check. If you like getting beer for .84 for a 22oz bottle, delivered to your door. Check. Right who won’t, I am going to miss that.


So would we  go back to Crucita. Probably not. Would I recommend it for retirement. Probably not. Would I recommend it for a family vacation. Absolutely not. Would I ever go back to Ecuador. Possibly. But for now it is time to start a new adventure in a different place. First stop Ouito for a day. But that will be another post.




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