Signs It’s Time To Leave

Today is our last day in Crucita, Ecaudor. And since Monday, someone or something has been telling us it is time to leave,

Monday we decided to make meatloaf, along with mashed potatoes and canned corn. So I was helping Jane get everything ready ( we do all the meals together now). I was mixing all the  ingredients together by hand, then forming into somewhat the shape of a loaf. When I went to put it in the foil pan Jane had set out, I figured I would throw it down in the pan to help fatten it out. Big! Big! Mistake. I did not realize that Jane had already cover the bottom of the foil pan with oil. SPLASH!!


I got splattered, Jane got splattered it was all over the place. Stove, counter, floor, eveywhere. Boy what a mess just because I was trying to be smart. Once we cleaned up the huge mess we put the meatloaf in the oven. Then we took a Miller break (actually it was a Philsner break).  After awhile Jane goes to check on the meatloaf. Not cooking. Out of gas. Ok no big deal. I’ll go down with the empty and get a full one. Nope don’t have any. They don’t deliver today until 6. Crap. Anyway to wrap up the story we put the meatloaf in the toaster oven they have. Finally couple hours later we ate lunch. Well actually closer to supper. And to end it we ran out of beer. What a day.

Next morning I get warm laying in bed. Look up, fans not running. Powers out. No air, no fans, no water (because it runs on a electric pump). About two hours later it comes back on, after I hauled the emply beer case down stairs. Least it was before the beer truck came and I could use the elevator to haul the full ones back up. We thought we would just get one crate (12 bottles) to last until we leave early Thursday. Another mistake. Ran out Wednesday. Had to go next door and buy 6 more. Hate doing that because it is almost double the price (1.50). But had to bite the bullet.

Another sign it was time to leave. No more margaritas. Last two times shopping they didn’t have any margarita mix. Try making my own. Not to good. So as we wrap up our last day here, no margaritas, Piña Coladas gone, wines gone. Just enough beer and Baileys for tonight. Next stop (for a day) Ouito.




  1. Ken

    Thats the worst having no beer


    • Boy you got that right Ken. Thanks for all the comments. Keep them coming

      Sent from my iPad



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