1 Win, 1 Loss, and 1 Tie

The last three days I have been out in the waves. Getting my time in before we leave.

Day 1:

I should have known better to go out, because the tide was high. But the waves were great so had to give it a try. Big mistake. There was a really strong riptide and with the waves pushing in hard and fast it was throwing the rocks through the water. Soon as a started walking out I got hit in legs, ankles and feet. Ok so I figure I’ll just get out a little farther out of the rocks. Didn’t work. It got to deep to fast so I couldn’t get out away from the rocks hitting me. I thought I would try it anyway for awhile. Then one wave took me down and under. That was enough. I don’t mind getting knocked under the water, but when there are rocks flying around down there you could get hit in the head instead of just legs and ankles. I was done. Waves Win!


Day 2:

The tide was lower and the waves were pretty good. Problem was I couldn’t get out to where they were breaking at the highest. But they were breaking twice. And with the riptide bringing  water back out so fast it crashes in the waves coming in it makes for a big wall of water. So I had a pretty good time out there and no knock downs. Bud Wins!

Day 3:

Today the conditions we’re just right. ( Sounds like the Three Bears). Anyway the tide was just the right level where I was able to get out where the waves were breaking at their highest. It was great. Hated to come him but Jane had lunch ready. Today’s outcome I would call a tie. I never got knocked down but I did bail on a couple big waves by going under them or I would have gotten knocked down. So it was a TIE.


When I was done today I ran into Big John. After I was taking to him awhile I remembered I didn’t have my teeth in. Embarrassing. When I said something to him him about it he said don’t worry about it he understood. Then he told me a story of when he was out in the water and his dentures popped out into the water. I couldn’t believe it. The same thing happened to him. However he was not as lucky as me. He didn’t catch his. Gee, maybe that’s what was bitting my toe. I thought it was a crab. But maybe it was this fish and he found John’s dentures.





  1. Diana

    You are brave to go out when there are riptides! I have never seen anyone who loves the waves like you, Bud. You and Jane enjoy your trip to Costa Rica via Panama!


    • I don’t think its brave. More like don’t know any better. Or too old to care. Thanks Diana


  2. Shirley

    You are amazing. I’m glad Jane is there to keep an eye on you. Enjoy your last day.


    • Not amazing just not too smart. That’s why Jane has to keep an eye on me.


  3. Anonymous

    Nice story! Great pictures.


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