Ecuador Observations/Thoughts (P.3)

Before I start the next topic I would like to add an update to the beach article. Not that it isn’t everything I mention, but that they are trying to improve things. I talked to one of the condo owners (Big John). They are working to control the stray dogs. And they are trying to clean up the area. John informed me that things are moving in that direction. That is why lot of the dogs that were running loose are now tied up. And the beach down by the town center is a cleaner safer beach. He told me to not let the present things sway my opinion of the place. They have plans for a marina to go in in the next couple years as show here. Ok now on to more things.


Quiet Crucita: Not So Much

When I stated that Crucita was a quiet fishing village, that was true. But I need to define what I meant by quiet. Laid back, not a lot going on, not a party town, etc. But as far as quiet goes (noise wise) NOT SO MUCH!!

Barking Dogs

Their are barking dogs all day and most of the night until early morning. Then it starts again. For example. Last night I wasn’t feeling well, and it took awhile to get to sleep. But I finally did, but it did not last long. A barking dog outside the condo woke me up. It got so bad I got up to see. Stray dog standing by the beach just barking. Went back filled a ballon with water. Threw it near him and off he ran. Now this was around one in the morning. Half hour or so later he was back. Another water balloon and he really took of running. But around 3 am two more dogs out by the beach barking. Water balloon scattered them. Finally some sleep until about 7 am when the rest of the dogs all start. Remember I mention they made some people tie up their dogs? Well now they bark constantly. Then there is one in the condo that use to just bark when a paraglider went by, but now barks at everything. And remember the dog that pushes the rock along the beach barking at it. That gets old quick. And others in the condo agree.


Remember what I said, if you plan on visiting Crucita bring plenty of earplugs, because dogs are not the only thing that makes it noisey.


Crucita is small and does not have stores for everything. But if you wait the store will come to you. Problem is you can hear them coming from over a mile away. And they start early. Each car or truck that are selling things has loud speakers and or mega phones on the vehicle. They have a tape recorded message playing over and over yelling what they’re selling.  ( ya I know I made a rhythm). Then you have the ones walking or biking shouting out their product. I know that is the way of life here which is fine. It is just hard to get use to and hard to get some peace and quiet.


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