Ecuador Observations/Thoughts (P.2)

 Crucita: The Beach

It is great having our condo right on the beach. Being able to hear the waves, watching the changes of the ocean, watching the birds and being able to just look out over the ocean anytime of the day. Now that being said, Crucitas beach is not at all great for swimming.

It’s Dirty

One, it is dirty. No clear crystal clear turquoise waters here. More like brown with patches of blue. And the beach itself is filthy. From all the garbage scatter along the beach and road, to the dog poop everywhere you go.

Not sure why but ALL the dogs go down to the beach to do their business.but I guess it could aways be worse, right.

And when locals (not the fishermen) clean their fish, guess where the bones and guts go. One day we watched a guy haul down the mess to the beach and throw it in. About 15 minutes later some kids were playing in the water there. Besides the mess it is a good thing they didn’t get bones stuck in their foot or worse. Now I’m not nieve (well maybe a little) but I know no body of water is clean. But that doesn’t mean we have to add to it.


First I don’t have any first hand experience of what it is like way down the beach where the weekenders usually swim. But in front of our condo I do. From our condo both south and north for quite aways their are lots of rocks on the shore and in the water for several feet. Now these come and go with the tide, but when you are in the water, close to shore the rocks are moving in the water with the waves and the undertow. I have been out there and when they hit you it hurts. I had several cuts and bruises on my feet and legs.

But even more dangerous are the hidden rock ledges up and down the beach. You can only see them at very low tide. And then you only see the ones close in shore. You don’t see the ones farther out.

What’s so bad is when people come and the tide is normal or up and they don’t know about it they could get very seriously hurt. What if someone just ran out and dove into the water. I would think they should be marked or maybe at least a warning sign.
I know their are some really nice beaches in Ecuador. Crucita is just not one of them.


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