Ecuador Observations/Thoughts (P.1)

As the time runs out of our threes months, here in the quiet fishing village of Crucita, Ecaudor it’s time to reflect on things. But instead of doing it in one long, maybe boring post, I am going to do it in several parts. Hopefully not boring

Part One : Priorities

Crucita was as advertised, quiet laid back fishing village, which is what we were looking for at this point in our retirement. Maybe things slow down a little too much at times. Then the buzzards gather. So don’t stop moving for to long.

The people here are very friendly and aways have a smile on their face. Even that weasel that tried stealing my keys. (Don’t leave things unattended on the beach, especially if you are down by our condo).  But other then this guy we had no problems at all during our stay.  So we can’t throw out the whole bushel because of one rotten apple.

The Dish

Here are a few things I would like to mention. Their are a lot of the people here that live in small bamboo houses. Some are also brick and mortar. But their is one thing they all have  in common. None are with out the dish.

They can have nothing but four walls and a roof,  if that, but they have a Directv dish. Priorities I guess. Directv sure does have a monopoly here. It is the only dish around. Here in this complex of bamboo and brick houses next to our condo you can see four (red dots)



But you also have to give the people here a lot of credit. For as little as some have, they prioritize family. For one the kids are always clean and dressed nice, as well as the parents. I don’t mean in designer jeans or anything. Just nice clean clothes. And as I mentioned in another post Sunday is family day. Priorities.

Car Alarms

Every car here, no matter how old or what shape it might be in, has a car alarm installed. Priorities. And this is fine to protect your car from theft. I an assuming they must have a big problem with that here. But the real problem is that these alarms go off all the time . Any loud sound or vibration will set them off. We have been in restruants along the strip when one of the buses comes roaring by and sets off a half dozen of the cars parked on the streets. And if one of those owners happens to be out in the water or down on the beach. Ya it goes on for quite awhile. I don’t think we have heard as many car alarms in New York or Paris as we have here. (Note: Planning a trip here? Bring ear plugs)

Loss Prevention

Okay. As long as we are taking about preventing thefts, let’s talk about the stores in Ecuador. With all the little stores in the area, which most are merely a little front to someone’s house, you will see bars on the door and window. These stores you don’t go into. You can look through the bars for what you need, or ask. They don’t have a lot of anything but they have a little of everything.

wpid-Photo-20150121205133927.jpgIn the mall their are several guys in suits and Walkie Talkies roaming around. Any every store as a guard by the entrance and exit. No bags or pack backs come in. You put them in a free locker. Don’t know if it is all done because of issues or just to prevent any. Priorities.

END of P.1





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