Off My Chest

Sorry everyone. I know this is a blog about our travels. But seeing it is my blog I am going to use it today to get something off my chest. Mike McCarthy SUCKS!! Ahhhh the feels a little better already.and I know I am not the only one that feels like he gave the game away.

Here’s my two- cents worth.

Ok I know the Packer defense fell apart totally in the last 5 minutes. But the issue is that it should not have come down to the last 5 minutes if MM had any guts what so ever. Now I hate Pete Carrol as much as the next guy (and yes that includes you Randy H). But at least he coaches a team to win. Where as MM coaches not to lose. And no it is not the same.

Come on!! Fourth and 6″ from a touchdown, and you kick a field goal. Carrol would have went for it. You have Lacy, you have one of the best quarterbacks in the game. What are you telling them when you don’t trust them enough to get 6″. And later what the hell were you doing sitting on the ball and losing yards. You have a high power offensive, shove it down their throats.

Green Bay could have put this game away and it never would have come down to that last 5 minutes. But it did because we have a coach who always plays it safe. And doesn’t play to win but plays to not lose. Maybe you can do it the regular season some what, but not in the playoffs when it’s one and done. And you are DONE

Thanks  for listening. I’ll get back on track with the next post as the sun sets on the Green Bay Packers season. Thanks to their coach.





  1. Anonymous

    I have vented in a similar fashion…..a week later I still don’t feel better! lol


    • Randy Heinzen

      That’s from Randy…..


      • Ya Randy I figured you could relate. It will pass. Until next season. Then it’s will start all over again. Thanks for the comment. I bet you could find some snow hills now


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