Interesting Find

Actually forgot about this picture. We had gotten a couple whole chickens to roast for Christmas. You know how in the states they have that little bag of goodies stuffed in the cavity. The neck, gizzard, liver and heart. Well this had all that plus a little something extra. Actually make that 2 extra something’s. Take a look.


Not sure what they do with them. Maybe in soup? But look at the nails. Wow! Saturday was crowed here. Not sure why but their were a lot of people down by us on the beach. Sunday usually is the bigger day, but this week it is Saturday and Sunday.


Some kite flying on the beach too. The kites here are different. They are shape like the paragliders chutes.

And what else is interesting is that during the Nite Thursday,it rained. Only way we knew was because their was water on the edge of the balcony. But everything else, ground etc was bone dry. We are suppose to be having the rainy season right now. This is the first rain I know of here. Knock on wood. It can hold off a couple more weeks.




  1. uzcateguijoyce

    I ate chicken foot soup in Quito. The soup was great but I didn’t eat the foot, but I put it to my mouth like I was eating it and Leo took a pic and I put it on my blog. Then at Christmas at our Ecuadorian family’s house we heated up some chicken parts: neck, back, wings, and feet. They had previously been cooked in a tasty sauce. I had the foot. It was surprisingly good, little meat, but the sauce gave it great flavor! I’d eat it again if needed. Luckily, I’m in the category of “I’ll try almost anything once”.


    • Thanks for the insight Joyce. I would probably try it at least once for sure.


  2. Diana

    Believe it or not, my grandma boiled the chicken feet … the nails cut off, of course … and we ate them. They are fatty and taste sweet. Not sure I’d eat them now. They’d probably make good broth, as you said. We Americans are way too dainty to include them with a whole chicken these days, though. The people there must follow grandma’s philosophy of “waste not, want not”!


    • That doesn’t surprise me Diana. It just didn’t look like much meat on their to eat. But their isn’t on picked pigs feet either and I eat them. And yes especially here it is waste not want not. Thanks for your comments,


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