Comment Replys

Ok I guess I was wrrr wrro wrong. I know hard to believe right. But anyway I thought I could respond to your comments via email. And I can, but that only post the reply back to the site instead of me having to go to the site to post a reply. So who ever posts a comment doesn’t know I replied unless they go back to the post or page they commented on. I guess for now you will have to go back to see the reply. And I will reply to each comment. Their is one option if you want to be notified that I replied. When you leave a comment their is a box you can check to be notified by email when I reply.
It looks like this


However in order for this option to work you would need to be register as a follower with your email. I know my niece had a issue being able to comment and the only way she could was to do it anonymously. So I guess for the most part you will need to check back on the site to see my reply if your interested in it. Thanks and keep following and commenting. I will try and find easier ways for this to work better.


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