Itinerary Change

Hi everyone, at least all 35 of you that have signed up to follow the site. We have a slight change to our travel itinerary. We can’t  get in to our place in Costa Rica until February 4th, yet we have to leave Ecuador by the 31st at the latest (90 days are up). So instead of the side trip to Panama we planned to do from Costa Rica, we have decided to go there first. We will be in Panama  from January 30th to February 4th. We will leave Crucita on Thursday the 29th and fly from Manta to Ouito, because our flight the next day leaves at 5:30 am. The flights over here sure do take strange routes. To get to Panama from here we first fly to El Salvador, which by the way is the other side of Costa Rica. Then back to Panama. And guess where we fly to when we fly from Panama to Costa Rica. Yep to El Salvador first, flying over Costa Rica then back. Here is a map of the area to show what I mean.

Look like a lots of wasted flying time to me, but they must have a reason. We’ll be in El Salvador so much we might have to get temporary residency. 😉 Now we will have a day in Ouito to see some of the historical sites. In Panama our hotel is near the Mirafloras Lock and the Bridge of the Americas, at the entry to the Panama Canal from the Pacific Ocean.




  1. uzcateguijoyce

    We will be following you in Panama. Looking forward to the pictures so we can live vicariously like we did before we moved to Ecuador. Can’t wait to see which place you settle down in and why? Also, it would be good to summarize the good and bad of each area you stay in to provide one point of view for readers who contemplate moving to the various areas. Not all of us can travel to all the places to visit first, so your honest opinions of each would be helpful to many as you compare and contrast the different areas. Just a thought!


    • Thanks Joyce. It was nice to have you as friend while we were here. It is funny you should mention about giving our thoughts about. Pt he good and bad of each place we visit. I already have a numerous parts post on just that. I did a little with Paris and Ireland but this will cover a little more.


  2. Thank you. Not sure who this is rr. But thanks for the comment


  3. Diana

    Now, that’s doing things the “long” way … and it looks like such a tiny strip of land on the map! But we’ll follow you wherever you go … stay in touch and keep having fun!


    • It sure is Diana. Their are no direct flights to anywhere from here. But after we get to Costa Rica they will all get shorter. Thanks for your comments. You are a very loyal follower.
      Bud and Jane


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