The People Have Spoken


Well the followers of the blog have spoken ( 8 of them anyway). The poll for the Memes by me did not draw much interest. Only received 8 votes. Six liked it, 1 thought it was dumb, and one didn’t care either way. So I would say what the lack of interest in the poll tells me is their is also a lack of interest in the page. Thus I will pull it from the site. However you may see one now and then somewhere, because I have so many cute pictures. But for now I will divert my creative resources elsewhere.

Ok I have to go. I have some paperwork to clean before it gets any worse.




  1. Shirley

    Now that one I really like


  2. Anonymous

    Do what you love and love what you do – If you like doing the memes, then by all memes…keep it up! 😉


    • Thanks Connie


    • Diana

      Noooo, don’t delete the memes!! They’re cute and it looks like you have so much fun with them!!


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