Little Jealous

The recent pictures from our friends Rick and Sue back in frigid Wausau, Wisconsin made me a little jealous. No it wasn’t because I missed the snow and cold.

These are pictures of our granddaughter Megan (likes to be calked Raine). This was a few years back in our back yard in Wausau. I use to take the snowblower out in the yard and blow all the snow into a hill she could play. But she got too old to do that and I got too old to do that.

No this is why it made me and Jane a little jealous and maybe a little homesick.

But only a little. Still don’t want to go back to the snow and cold. This was Rick and Sue eating at The Bar in Wausau. It is a place we used to go to together a lot. Mainly Rick and I would go for the wings. They have the best wings in the area. That is what I miss. Not sure what’s Sue was eating (Rueban or burger) but everything there is good.  And you know what I felt like doing after seeing Rick teasing me with one of those wings.

Unfortunately my arms aren’t long enough to reach that far. And if they were the first thing I would do is take his wings. But seriously it was nice to see them.  They were there to watch the Packers beat the NOT AMERICAS TEAM, COWBOYS. We miss our times together and wish them the best through the next four months Wisconsin winter.

And we will do the best we can for four months of this weather and food.

Till next time.



  1. Diana

    Oh, I think you and Jane got the better deal!!


  2. Anonymous

    Love it!!! The snow was nice for Christmas but done needing/wanting it now. Realize it doesn’t work like that!!!


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