No Waves

I haven’t been out in the waves in over a week, because their haven’t been any. Sure their are the little ones but I prefer the ones that can at least knock me down. Not sure if it’s the full moon thing or what but I sure wish they would start again. Like these.

But but at least we still had some entertainment on the beach. First their is the dog from the hostel behind us. It’s idea of fun is moving a rock along the beach and barking at it each time he moves it, then after he pushes it so far he will pick it up and move it back to where he started and do it all over again.


When he’s not playing with his pet rock he will chase sand crabs. We also had some first time paragliders. Well we have a lot of first times and many do really good their first time. But not this two. The photo on the left is the right way to land. The other two not no much. (Remember you can click on the photo to see the full size one)

The one in the second photo tried landing on the road. This would have worked had he not done it right in front of the store building with poles and wires. The other tried the beach in high tide and didn’t go up far enough. Not only did he land in the water, but when he tried getting out he got knocked down by one of those waves I was talking about. This photo was from when their were waves.

And then ofcourse  their were the two dogs that ran up and down the beach and out into the water. Jane called the younger one Rascal (with the brown spots) and the other mom. We figured she was the mother because she was always looking after him. She couldn’t aways keep up with him ( because he would run for hours) but she tried. Now it is kind of sad because we have not seen her around since before New Years. Rascal looks lonely and doesn’t run the beach much anymore.


Then their was the one day we thought maybe we were being invaded. Two groups of men in uniform were walking the beach. I don’t say march because their was no organization at all to it. Not sure what they were or what they were doing. But it wasn’t something we usually see from our balcony.

Hope the waves come before the raing season starts if it does. Been lucky so far so hope I don’t jinx it.




  1. Anonymous

    With everything going on elsewhere, seeing the soldiers would make me a little nervous. Hopefully, you will get your waves back before you leave. Very nice picture below. Shirley


    • Thanks Sis. Let me know if you get this via email Bud

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