Joyce and Leo’s Get Together

Joyce and Leo are a very nice couple we met at pizza night at the WalkAbout. They had moved here not to long ago and wanted to show us the same hospitilty they received when they first arrived. Unfortunately we are leaving in a month and they are here to stay. They also have a blog called which I follow. You should check it out too.


And here are Joyce and Leo in a picture from their website


We ran in to Lafaye and Kaylin (from WalkAbout) at the bus stop. They were going to Joyce and Leo’s too. So seeing we didn’t really know where we were going we just followed them. But it was pretty easy to find anyway. It was a short bus trip and we were at their house. They have a beautiful (hugh) house which Joyce gave us a tour of when we first arrived. Here are some pictures of the house and gathering.

It was a great afternoon. Thank you Joyce and Leo for having us over. They live right on the beach.  The view and breeze were beautiful. We had a few beers, well maybe more than just a few, and some snacks, but met new people as well as some we had met at pizza night. We even had a guest visitor  in the yard. Not sure exactly what he or she is called but it was shy. When we went to take a picture from one side it would go to the other side. But Leo got a good picture. It’s tail was as long as it’s body if not more. Sorry it is a little fuzzy because I blew it up so you could tell it from the tree.


Not really sure what time we left, but we caught the bus with Lafaye and Kaylin and headed back to town. It must have been after 6:30 or so because when we were walking back to the condo the sun was setting.




  1. uzcateguijoyce

    We are glad to have met you and hope you find your piece of paradise like we have. After you look around, hope you come back to Ecuador. If not we wish you much happiness and we’ll follow your adventures on your blog.


    • We are glad to have met you and Leo too. And we wish you the best in your new home


  2. Anonymous

    Beautiful, all except for the creature. Joyce looks like my friend Joyce.


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